probablepeople 0.3.1

probablepeople is a python library for parsing unstructured romanized name or company strings into name components, using advanced NLP methods.


pip install probablepeople


The parse method will split your string into components, and label each component.
>>> import probablepeople
>>> probablepeople.parse('Mr George "Gob" Bluth II')
[('Mr', 'PrefixMarital'),
('George', 'GivenName'),
('"Gob"', 'Nickname'),
('Bluth', 'Surname'),
('II', 'SuffixGenerational')]
>>> probablepeople.parse('Lucille & George Bluth')
[('Lucille', 'GivenName'),
('&', 'And'),
('George', 'GivenName'),
('Bluth', 'Surname')]
>>> probablepeople.parse('Sitwell Housing Inc')
[('Sitwell', 'CorporationName'),
('Housing', 'CorporationName'),
('Inc', 'CorporationLegalType')]
The tag method will return an OrderedDict with distinct labels as keys & parts of your string as values, as well as a string type (Person, Household, or Corporation)
>>> import probablepeople
>>> probablepeople.tag('Mr George "Gob" Bluth II')
('PrefixMarital', 'Mr'),
('GivenName', 'George'),
('Nickname', '"Gob"'),
('Surname', 'Bluth'),
('SuffixGenerational', 'II')]),
>>> probablepeople.tag('Lucille & George Bluth')
('GivenName', 'Lucille'),
('And', '&'),
('SecondGivenName', 'George'),
('Surname', 'Bluth')]),
>>> probablepeople.tag('Sitwell Housing Inc')
('CorporationName', 'Sitwell Housing'),
('CorporationLegalType', 'Inc')]),

Because the tag method returns an OrderedDict with labels as keys, it will throw a RepeatedLabelError error when multiple areas of a name have the same label, and thus can’t be concatenated. When RepeatedLabelError is raised, it is likely that either (1) the input string is not a valid person/corporation name, or (2) some tokens were labeled incorrectly.

RepeatedLabelError has the attributes original_string (the input string) and parsed_string (the output of the parse method on the input string). You can use these attributes to write custom exception handling, for example:
    tagged_name, name_type = probablepeople.tag(string)
except probablepeople.RepeatedLabelError as e :
    some_special_instructions(e.parsed_string, e.original_string)

If you already know that the string refers to a person or a company, you can indicate that to probable people by using the type argument of the parse and tag methods. Valid options are 'person' and 'company'.


probablepeople has the following labels for parsing names & companies:

  • PrefixMarital
  • PrefixOther
  • GivenName
  • FirstInitial
  • MiddleName
  • MiddleInitial
  • Surname
  • LastInitial
  • SuffixGenerational
  • SuffixOther
  • Nickname
  • And
  • CorporationName
  • CorporationNameOrganization
  • CorporationLegalType
  • CorporationNamePossessiveOf
  • ShortForm
  • ProxyFor
  • AKA

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